A little reflection from time to time isn’t that bad. As you all know I started a new chapter in my job life. That new chapter immediately  included a flight to Palo Alto to go and have a level 301 training on my specialization. It has been a great couple of days! Really good that the Storage and Availability BU gave me this opportunity right from the start. I have been able to start a network where I need to have it. I wrote down a whole pile of names to get in contact with for certain things. Awesome! For those willing to pick something up from an extremely knowledgeable guy I recommend you to check the podcast Virtually Speaking.  A lot of good topics around VSAN and others are in the list of podcasts. if you were not yet following this podcast, you should! If you are interested in VMWare and VMWare related topics that is.

It was a 3 day workshop where we got around 30 people in our workshop. Most them from the Americas. A couple of people got the long flight to come from EMEA or APAC. The level of knowledge in the room was great! Starting from the very beginning to the nuts and bolts. I’m sure if you would let some presenters talk for a whole day about 1 topic they would just do it! However I would need to stay for a month in Palo Alto! We got a deeper understanding of what VSAN actually is. What it does and how it does it. Back home I did give some training in the past covering VSAN as well so I was able to reflect back to certain topics to add more information to my current knowledge. Apart from the knowledge gathering and the brainpicking . We got the opportunity to give our feedback in upcoming offerings and will be getting extra access to for example sizing tools and stuff like that.

The future really looks bright!
Adding to that I really look forward getting to know my new colleagues over in the Netherlands! The Belgium-Luxembourg team was part of my day to day work environment so I’ll be getting to know them a little better compared to now. Let’s make a big spalsh together!




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