When I started working I was responsible for datacenter proposals for channel partners. For a vendor that has taught me a lot I was working at a distributor in Belgium. I learned a lot and I have seen changes appear in a cycle of 6 month to a year. Also new technologies popping up now and then. The start of software defined storage. Using standard servers and putting intelligent software on them to do the coolest stuff you have ever seen. Bringing new features faster and easier to use. A specific hardware was no longer needed and was replaced by a software. It did not matter what the layer underneath was. The software could evolve on the same platform introducing new pieces in the puzzle was easier because you did no longer need to make sure that the difference in hardware was not causing you a headache.
With the introduction of virtualization namely VMware changed the theater. It brought us flexibility, uptime, disaster avoidance, better use of resources, consolidation,… The start of software defined servers. Really everything can be in software these days. Virtualization is a no-brainer even with the introduction of new players in the market the dominant force is still VMware.
Recently to ways of virtualizing the network were introduced by networking leader since years, Cisco. And the leader in virtualization, VMWare. Who has it right? I really don’t know. Maybe the use case defines the solution in the end… Maybe the install base and available skills push a certain technology forward.
Once these different software layers will melt together crazy stuff is possible. You will be able to get everything automated and use all the resources optimally. You will be able to get more out of the hardware underneath grow quickly in software and let the hardware layer scale up and up and up. The idea is phenomenal and world changing. Making your IT faster and more agile with every new introduction of software. I like the thought really. However I’m sure we are not there yet. There are still some hills to climb.
But the basis the fundamentals are there and in place. A great basis to build your SDDC…


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