A New Chapter

As long as I’m in the IT business I’ve seen change. Change in products, change in direction, change in strategy. After a decade of being in the infrastructure business I decided to move to the part in IT where the magic really happens – SOFTWARE! As of today I will be the VSAN Specialist SE for the Benelux Region.

Since I started working at Tech Data a decade ago VMWare became part of my DNA. Positioning vSphere ESX to talking and presenting solutions covering Software Defined Networking to solutions covering VSAN. That last one will be my speciality as of today. VSAN is the Software Defined Storage layer developed and positioned by VMWare.

Thinking about it – Why should we still keep doing what we did over the past 20 years? As the pressure on business allignment and the faster time to market is high on IT departments we definitely need a fundamental change of thoughts and ACT to what we think. That said VSAN is a cornerpiece in the evolution towards a world that is software defined together with 2 software defined brothers ESX and NSX these 3 components make up a foundation of the modern enterprise datacenter.

Today’s shift to a more secure / easy to manage and deliver infrastructure. This new thought wave is shifting the way we are thinking about our classic infrastructure stack and that wave I will surf as of today.

Don’t expect a technology avalanche coming up on this blog. A high level blog on some features and functions – yes. Diving in the technical details – no. If you want me to do that reach out to me on social media and we will get in touch asap…

Embark with me on this exciting journey that starts now! Hope you will enjoy it as much as I will…

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